Al Wolcott Senior Account Executive
Amanda Larkin Account Manager & Compliance Specialist
Andrew Diodato Commercial Lines Producer, Recreation Specialist
Angela Stewart Director, Insurance and Risk Solutions
Ashley Tedor Senior Vice President, Employee Benefits
Barb Davis Office Manager
Baron Keefer Chief Operating Officer, Property & Casualty
Ben Lerew Broker Account Associate
Bonnie Hardy Receptionist & Administrative Services
Brenda Acker Accounting Manager
Brent Hetrick Senior Broker Account Manager
Carol Shaw Personal Lines Account Manager
Chas Rowzer Senior Broker Account Manager
Cheri Long Benefits Administrator
Chris Cox SBU Account Manager
Chris Wert Senior Account Executive
Danielle Pelletier Business Development & Marketing Associate
Darrell Diodato VP of Specialty Risks
Deb Hoffer Benefits Administration, HR Technical Supervisor
Debbie Hanks Associate Implementation Analyst
Di Bendl Commissions Manager
Dianne McVey Account Manager
Don Wert Managing Partner
Evan Katz III Broker Account Manager
Fran Sierotowicz Loss Control Manager
Gene Fritz Senior Account Executive
Gretchen Day Director of Well-being
Haley Striewig Administrative Support
Hayley Shaffer Senior Consultant, Insurance and Risk Solutions
Heidi Dalpezzo Account Coordinator
Jack Eshelman Account Coordinator, Insurance and Risk Solutions
Jamie Tedor Senior Vice President, Employee Benefits
Jeannie Prest Commercial Lines Account Manager
Jim Gould Senior Account Executive
Jim Smith Senior Account Executive, Personal Lines
Jo Cifarelli Health Care and Benefits Consultant
Joe Buyakowski Senior Account Executive
John Tunney VP, HR & Benefits Technology Consulting
Julie Cave Senior Vice President, Broker Solutions
Kevin Krause Chief Strategy Officer, Employee Benefits
Kristen Shive Senior Account Manager
Leon Feinerman Senior Account Executive
Leslie Campbell Claims Manager
Linda Knisley Commercial Lines Account Manager
Mandy Ivey Account Manager
Mandy Yerkey Senior Operations Account Manager
Maria Gray Personal Lines Account Manager
Matt Hall Worksite Benefits Specialist
Matthew Maurer Senior Account Executive
Mel Vazquez Benefits Administrator
Nancy Calcara Personal Lines Account Manager
Nicole Smith Operations Account Associate
Noreen McKenrick Account Executive
Patti Robinson Account and Technology Manager
Paul Werner Senior Account Executive
Rachel Clark Account Manager
Rachelle Maddaloni Director of Technology Solutions
Rebecca James Director of Business Development & Marketing
Rick Saar Health Care and Benefits Consultant
Rob Striewig Senior Vice President, Property & Casualty
Robin Snyder SBU Account Manager
Ryan Myslinski Health Care and Benefits Consultant
Sandy Powell Commercial Lines Account Manager
Saniyyah Saka Director of Compliance
Scott Dardick Medicare Benefits Consultant
Shelley Machamer Account Director
Sierra Kepner Senior Broker Account Manager
Stacy Fry Health Care and Benefits Consultant
Steve Dardick Medicare Benefits Consultant
Sue Kopcho Commercial Lines Account Manager
Teresa Warfield Broker Account Associate
Tim Flood Account Executive
Toby Breon Senior Account Executive
Toby Putt Senior Health Care and Benefits Consultant
Tyler Gray Senior Health Care and Benefits Analyst
Wendy Reside Benefits Communication Specialist