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Lower Health Care Costs. Optimum Health Outcomes.

AIA, Alera Group is a true health care solutions company, pushing back on decades of the status quo and bringing a new train of thought to the current mentality where employers simply accept rising health care costs. Together with our clients, we are changing tactics to curb health insurance costs and provide better health outcomes for their employees. We know health care is one of the top areas of expense and financial risk for employers and the benefits package you offer to your employees is a critical strategic tool to recruit and retain the right people for your organization. Our talented team members are experts in navigating the complex and changing world of employee health and benefits that are right for you. We have compiled innovative solutions that improve health care affordability and deliver optimum health outcomes, all while strengthening your organizational and employee well-being.

Products and Services

  • Wellbeing

    Lower Your Health Care Costs and Improve Your Employees’ Health Risk Profile

  • Benefits Benchmarking Survey

    Gain strategic insights into your benefit plans vs. peers in your industry and region.