Webinar: Dissection of the Fully-insured Health Premium and How the “Vicious Cycle” Has Not Been Working in Your Favor

October 29, 2019
  Fed up with 20%+ healthcare renewals? Plagued by the vicious, fully-insured renewal cycle? Looking for lower healthcare costs and pricing transparency? Or genuine healthcare solutions that enhance your employee benefits? If you are in the throes of a 20%+ fully-insured or level-funded... Find out more »

Referenced Based Pricing

November 14, 2017
Join Pat Campola of Windsor Strategy Partners as he provides an overview of referenced based pricing in his upcoming, informative webinar. Pat brings his management experience of over thirty years in the insurance industry to provide attendees with database sources, plan document verbiage, provider... Find out more »

End Of Year Compliance Update

Join Stacy H. Barrow, Esq. for the final webinar of our 2018 Educational Webinar Series as he provides and overview of all things compliance in 2018, along with a look at what to expect in 2019. Attendees will receive an update on legal and regulatory changes under the ACA in 2018, a review of... Find out more »

HR Technology Trends

During this webinar Josh Hoover helps attendees become more familiar with the different trends in HR Technology and how to best utilize their current systems, along with potentially evaluate new... Find out more »

Introduction to Consumer-Directed Healthcare and Account-Based Plans: HDHPs, HSAs, FSAs and HRAs

Join BAN's Director of Compliance, Stacy H. Barrow, Esq. for an informative webinar on Consumer Directed Healthcare and Account-Based Plans. Webinar attendees will gain an understanding on the background of Consumer Directed Healthcare, HAS eligibility and Contribution Rules, how to use HSA funds,... Find out more »

HR For 2019

Join Bobbi Kloss for a special webinar on HR for 2019. Bobbi's webinar provides insight in developing a culture to best market your business and retain employees, regulatory updates, additional HR practices, the EEOC and the DOL. Educate yourself on how to maintain your employer of choice status,... Find out more »

Identity Theft

Identity theft is a major issue in the United States, and across the globe. Did you know data breach victims are 11 more times more likely to be identity theft victims? No wonder smart employers are scrambling for ID Theft protection for their... Find out more »

New Healthcare — Actuarial

When health care reform takes place, there will most likely be new mandated benefits and/or a reduction in current mandated benefits. The cost impact of these benefits changes will require an actuarial determination to assess the impact on medical plan costs and funding... Find out more »

Workplace Wellness Programs and Compliance with DOL & EEOC Rules

Join Stacy H. Barrow, Esq., BAN’s Co-Director of Compliance, as he provides an overview of the legal and regulatory guidelines for wellness programs under DOL and EEOC rules. Attendees will gain an understanding of how DOL and EEOC rules apply depending on the type of wellness program offered,... Find out more »

IT Security in the Workforce

IT Security can be a major issue for even some of the largest companies. Over the past few years companies like Netflix, Twitter, and Equifax have been a part of large data breaches. What can you do to protect your business, your client, and employee's information? Join Matt Jones of World Synergy... Find out more »