Fran Sierotowicz

Loss Control Manager, Property & Casualty  |   | 

Fran is the Director of Loss Control/Risk Management Consultant within AIA, Alera Group, where she focuses on helping organizations to effectively evaluate the risk and cost of their insurance programs, in particular the workers’ compensation program. She focuses on the communication of cost-effective compliance and loss-cost reduction programs. Fran works with a variety of stakeholders in organizations – including financial, operational, human resources, training and other executives and employees in delivering results.

Fran’s work involves assisting clients to develop formal safety programs, safety culture improvement, ergonomic evaluations and strategies, health and safety training, safety program auditing, and fleet management services. Collectively, her work helps clients achieve sustainable results in all casualty risk areas.

Fran has spent her entire professional career working in the safety & health and risk management field. The majority of her career has been spent working in the risk management segment of the insurance industry. Her time away from insurance was spent in Hands-on Safety Management Practice for a governmental entity and a manufacturing business.

Fran has a Master’s Degree in Safety Management from West Virginia University; an Associate’s Degree in both Risk Management and Loss Control Management from the Insurance Institute of America; and she is a Certified Fire Protection Specialist from the NFPA.  Fran is a State of PA Certified Trainer and an Authorized OSHA Instructor.