VBA Vision

Vision Benefits

Vision benefits typically include coverage for the eye exams and glasses and/or contacts.  Level of coverage varies depending upon the plan selected.

Alera Group is the only agency in the United States authorized by VBA to manage enrollments, terminations, and billing for small groups (2-24 enrolled employees).

VBA is one of the largest and best-known providers of vision benefits in America.

  • Four(4) standard vision plans
  • Rates are guaranteed (no underwriting)
  • Available to employers with 2 to 24 employees
  • Can be offered as non-contributory (100% employer paid) or contributory (any portion paid by the employee)
  • Minimum to two (2) employees must be enrolled
  • Coverage is effective the 1st of the month following the company's established new hire waiting period
  • Member terminations always effective the last day of the month
  • Annual open enrollment is aligned with the employer's medical plan open enrollment period
  • Simplified employer group application

SMALL GROUP (2-24 enrolled employees):
Minimum of 2 enrolled W2 employees required

Available Plans & Rates Effective 3/1/22 - 2/29/24

Option 1
Benefit Highlight
Option 2
Benefit Highlight
Option 3
Benefit Highlight
Benefit Highlight
Single $5.76 $7.85 $8.70 $10.44
Family $11.51 $15.65 $17.40 $20.88
Frequency of Services: Frequency of Services: Frequency of Services: Frequency of Services:
19 & Older Under Age 19 19 & Older Under Age 19 19 & Older Under Age 19 19 & Older Under Age 19
Exam 24 12 12 12 12 12 12 12
Lenses 24 12 12 12 12 12 12 12
Frames 24 24 24 24 12 12 12 12

Note: A $5 monthly administrative billing fee is charged per employer group.

* Enrollments and Changes always effective the first of the month
* Terminations always effective last day of the month
* Dependent Coverage: If dependent coverage is being offered by the employer group, eligible dependents may include the covered participant's spouse, unmarried domestic partners*, and dependent children who have not attained their 26th birthday. Dependent coverage is determined by the employer group.

* Evidence of domestic partnership MUST be provided at time of enrollment

ATTENTION BROKERS: Brokers wishing to be compensated for bringing a group into the small business program must be licensed to write accident and health insurance products.  Commissions are paid at 4% of premium paid.

Please click here to download the Broker Appointment application and Form W-9.