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Functional Medicine: Root Causes and Healthcare Solutions for Your Employees

Functional medicine centers around the optimal functioning of the body and its organs.  Functional medicine is an evolution in medicine that better addresses and corrects underlying causes of chronic disease while working together as a team towards a goal of physical, emotional, and spiritual health.  Functional medicine addresses the whole person and not just your symptoms. Tune in as Dr. Chris Turnpaugh, from Turnpaugh Health & Wellness Center discusses Functional medicine and how it can lead to a healthier you.

  • The impact on the importance of how and when you eat; including the types of food you’re eating and when.
  • Proper sleep, timing of sleep, and its effects on your immune system.
  • How and when you move including the impacts cardiovascular health vs. strength training.
  • How to develop a relationship with your healthcare provider in order to understand diseases before they start.

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October 13, 2021
9:00 am - 10:00 am EDT

About the Speaker

  • Dr. Chris Turnpaugh

    President, Functional Medicine Provider

    Chris Turnpaugh is a skilled practitioner whose primary focus is on finding and addressing the root cause of disease. He graduated from Life College of Chiropractic and received his post-doctorate in functional neurology.  His interest in functional medicine began with the intent on helping a current patient who was looking to address his whole health picture after an ALS diagnosis.  He attended a seminar in 1995 given by Dr. Jeffrey Bland, the father of functional medicine, and he was hooked.  That began his career in root cause medicine.  His passion for functional medicine led him to open the Turnpaugh Health and Wellness Center in 1999.  He enjoys the overall care team approach and loves sharing knowledge with the team, patients and other providers.  He has extensive experience in supporting patients who are dealing with the most difficult, chronic, autoimmune and neurological health conditions.   He has a vast history of personal experience and consequently supporting Lyme disease, autoimmune conditions, Fragile X Syndrome and pediatric neurological conditions, thyroid disease, hormonal conditions and more.

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