Health Savings Accounts – One Key to a More Comfortable Retirement

October 11, 2019
Most people know that a 401(k) plan is a valuable retirement tool. It’s less well-known that a health savings account (HSA) also is a valuable retirement tool. Not only is an HSA a great way to save for medical expenses while employed, but the same savings account also can be used during... Find out more »

8 Exceptions to the Course of Employment Rule

October 7, 2019
To better understand course of employment rules it’s useful to look at the exceptions. When someone is injured on the job, the connection — or nexus — between the job and the injury is usually clear and indisputable. But sometimes, it’s not. For instance, say you work at... Find out more »

Genetic Testing Protections and Limitations

October 2, 2019
When the federal government passed the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) in 2008, the law provided a starting point and baseline to prevent insurance carriers from using genetic testing information to determine rates. Today, as genetic testing kits have become even more popular,... Find out more »