IRS Issues Affordability Percentage Adjustment for 2020

July 24, 2019
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has released Rev. Proc. 2019-29, which contains the inflation adjusted amounts for 2020 used to determine whether employer-sponsored coverage is “affordable” for purposes of the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) employer shared responsibility... Find out more »

Choosing a Vision Insurance Plan Your Employees Will Value

July 23, 2019
A good, quality vision plan is a valuable asset for your employees. The National Eye Institute reports that 66 percent of adults need vision correction. Health care providers say that routine eye exams are essential for preserving vision and safeguarding eye health. Vision insurance and vision... Find out more »

IRS Expands HSA Preventive Care Safe Harbor to Include Chronic Conditions

July 19, 2019
IRS Expands HSA Preventive Care Safe Harbor to Include Chronic Conditions On July 17, 2019, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) released Notice 2019-45, which expands the definition of preventive care benefits that can be provided by a high deductible health plan (HDHP) to include certain chronic... Find out more »

Alera Group Acquires Landmark Benefits, Inc.

Alera Group, a leading national insurance firm, today announced  its acquisition of Landmark Benefits, Inc. (Landmark), effective July 1, 2019. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Landmark, located in Windham, New Hampshire, is an employee benefits broker providing comprehensive... Find out more »

The Lure of Workplace Flexibility

July 16, 2019
The concept of a flexible workplace is based on the idea that it’s possible to work harder and smarter away from the office or during a shorter workweek. The question most employers have is, “Will it work?”   Supporters say the benefits of a flexible workplace... Find out more »

10 Tips for Your Hurricane Insurance Claim

July 12, 2019
Natural disasters—particularly hurricanes—can be extremely stressful to navigate, both throughout the storm itself and then following the event. After the wind has subsided and the rain has stopped, you’ll need begin the process of reporting your claim to your insurance agent... Find out more »

Alera Group Acquires Austin & Co., Inc.

July 11, 2019
Deerfield, IL -- Alera Group, a leading national insurance firm, today announced its acquisition of Austin & Co., Inc. (Austin & Co.), effective July 1, 2019. The firm expands Alera Group’s employee benefits and property & casualty expertise. Terms of the transaction were not... Find out more »

Meaningful Ways to Support an Aging Workforce

July 9, 2019
America’s workforce is aging rapidly — and it will have an impact on your business. Baby boomers were born between 1944 and 1964 and currently are between 55 to 75 years old. About 10,000 baby boomers are turning 65 every day — a trend that started in 2011 — according to... Find out more »